Meeting of Gaimusho OBs to discuss relations with Russia during World War I

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"In the front row (left to right) is Ambassador Mushakoji Kimitomo (whose signature is on the Anti-Comintern Pact concluded with Nazi Germany in 1936, and whose son Kinhide is a prominent scholar in the field of international affairs), Morley, yours truly, Professor Borton, former Foreign Minister Yoshizawa Kenkichi (in the Inukai cabinet, 1931- 1932, who happened to have been Consul-General in Honolulu during the First World War), and Amb. Matsushima Hajime (former personal secretary of Amb. Motono Ichiro in Russia during the war).

In the back row (from right to left) is Kurihara, Amb. Tsubokami Teiji, former diplomat and then professor of international law at Chuo University Tamura Kosaku (who later translated into Japanese my Columbia M.A. thesis on the Russo-Japanese boundary, 1850-1875, and arranged to have it published by the Kajima Institute of International Peace in 1967), Amb. Hori Shinsuke, former Deputy Foreign Minister Amau Eiji (better known for the "Amau Declaration," a kind of Japanese Monroe Doctrine), Okamoto Suemasa (Minister to Sweden during the Pacific War), and Yuhashi Shigeto (who was interpreter for Amb. Sato Naotake in Moscow when Molotov delivered the Soviet declaration of war on Japan, and who later himself served as minister in Moscow)."

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