JPRI publishes scholarly and journalistic works, in a variety of formats, on Japan and the Pacific Rim.

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Japanese Cartels Still Block Imports / Tokyo Bureaucrats Rule as Leaders Come and Go Mark Tilton / E. B. Keehn , critiques japan usa northeast-asia asia-pacific north-america bureaucracy u-s-japan-relations
Japan’s Housing Lenders’ Crisis Mayumi Otsuma, Ken Ellis, Todd Zaun, Andrew Morse, Norie Kuboyama , , , , , , , asia-pacific critiques japan northeast-asia cosmo-credit-union david-atkinson goldman ministry-of-finance mof morgan-stanley-co nippon-housing-loan-co sachs-co
The Left in Japanese Politics: Is There Movement Toward a Third Pole? Lonny E. Carlile , , , , , , asia-pacific japan northeast-asia workingpapers ldp liberal-democratic-party new-frontier-party nfp politics sdpj social-democratic-party
The U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement of September 1994: Contending Views of Believer and Skeptic High Government Official vs. Pensioner of Cardiff High Government Official vs. Pensioner of Cardiff , , asia-pacific japan north-america northeast-asia usa workingpapers ntt policy trade
Market Access in the Global Economy: The Problem of Cartels Alan Wm. Wolff , , , , , , , asia-pacific europe north-america northeast-asia workingpapers east-of-burma-agreement european-union gatt international-trade-organization london-agreement oecd trade-liberalization wto
How Asia Got Rich: World Bank vs. Japanese Industrial Policy Edith Terry , , , , asia-pacific china japan north-america northeast-asia philippines southeast-asia usa vietnam workingpapers apec asean miti oecf world-bank
Fund-Raising in Japan: A Sasakawa Saga Hans H. Baerwald , , asia-pacific japan north-america northeast-asia occasionalpapers usa international-student-center sasakawa-fund ucla
The Bolivan Connection: U.S. Bases and Okinawan Emigration Kozy K. Amemiya , , , asia-pacific bolivia japan north-america northeast-asia okinawa usa workingpapers latin-america nanbei-zakura ryukyu-government tigner us-military
Denying History: Cancelling the A-Bomb Stamp/ Prospects for U.S.-Japan Relations in 1995/ A Spark in North Korea: “This Tragic Loss of Life Was Unnecessary” Sheila K. Johnson, Chalmers Johnson , , , china critiques europe japan north-america north-korea northeast-asia russia usa asia-pacific carter cold-war pacific-war xiaoping
The Importance of Yoko Ono Murray Sayle , , , asia-pacific japan northeast-asia occasionalpapers dada lennon postwar yoko-ono
Korean Scandal, or American Scandal? Bruce Cummings , , , , asia-pacific japan korea north-america north-korea northeast-asia south-korea usa workingpapers cia dipolmacy foreign-policy korean-war republic-of-korea
American Press Illusions About Japanese Politics Steven K. Vogel , , , asia-pacific critiques japan usa northeast-asia north-america clinton liberal-democratic-party sakigake shinseito
Japan Adrift Without Moral Mission/ Addressing Japan’s Cartels of the Minds Steven C. Clemons, Ambassador Walter F. Mondale , , , , asia-pacific critiques japan north-america northeast-asia usa asahi-shimbun culture diplomacy ldp society
Senso: The Japanese Remember the Pacific War Frank Gibney , , asia-pacific critiques japan northeast-asia history senso world-war-ii
The YS-11 Project and Japan’s Aerospace Potential Stephen C. Mercado , , asia-pacific japan north-america northeast-asia occasionalpapers usa aerospace postwar-japan ys-11
U.S.-Australia Relations and the Rise of Southeast Asia Andrew MacIntyre , , asia-pacific australia north-america oceania philippines southeast-asia thailand usa workingpapers geopolitics policy trade
Aum Shinrikyo and the Japanese Media Helen Hardacre , , asia-pacific japan northeast-asia workingpapers aum-shinrikyo japan-shambala-plan matsumoto
Nationalism and the Market: China as a Superpower Chalmers Johnson , , asia-pacific china japan north-america northeast-asia usa workingpapers economics nationalism world-bank
Perspective on Violence: Explaining America to the Japanese / How to Open a Rice Market and Still Keep it Closed Sheila K. Johnson, Ulrike Schaede , , , , , critiques japan north-america northeast-asia asia-pacific crime gatt rice-market us-films violence yakuza
State Suppression of New Religions in Prewar Japan and Its Lessons for Today/ Aum Shinrikyo and Oklahoma Sheldon Garon, Sheila K. Johnson , , , , asia-pacific critiques japan north-america northeast-asia usa aum-shinrikyo oklahoma omotokyo religion state-suppression
Building Japan’s Information Superhighway Joel West , , , , , asia-pacific japan north-america northeast-asia usa workingpapers communications multimedia national-information-infrastructure nihon-telephone-and-telegraph nii ntt
The Okinawan Rape Incident and the End of the Cold War in East Asia Chalmers Johnson , , asia-pacific china europe japan north-america northeast-asia okinawa russia usa workingpapers japanese-american-relations us-marines us-military
APEC--Australia’s Pragmatic Asia Policy? Lincoln Wright , , asia-pacific australia hong-kong japan northeast-asia oceania singapore south-korea taiwan workingpapers southeast-asia apec asian-tigers oecd
School Bullying Causes Teenage Suicides/ Holocaust Denial in Japan: Marco Polo Demonstrates Insensitivity Teresa Watanabe, Tatou Takahama , , , asia-pacific critiques japan northeast-asia bullying bungei-shunju holocaust-denial mental-health
Group-Think Meets Individualism: The Saga of Dr. Masao Miyamoto and the Japanese Bureaucracy JPRI Staff, Masao Miyamoto , , , asia-pacific critiques japan northeast-asia bureaucracy group-think individualism maso-miyamoto